Advanced Low Career as Military Translator

Watch the episode about the Military School at Siberian Federal University. Apparently hardly anyone thinks of military interpreting/ translating as an exclusively male occupation these days. That was certainly the case in the Soviet Union where the Translation Studies at the Foreign Languages Departments was one of the most prestigious and secretive programs. Now you have a chance to learn what the curriculum to build interpreting skills is, where the graduates of the Military School work and who pays for their education. Also, with less than two weeks away from the celebration of the Men’s Day in Russia and its Soviet satelitte states in Eastern Europe, read about this quite popular public holiday.

Cultural notes: You've probably heard about День защитника Отечества (Defender of the Motherland/Fatherland Day), also known as The Army Day celebrated on February 23d. Why this particular day was chosen? In the midst of a civil war in Russia on February 23, 1918 the first mass draft into the Red Army took place in Petrograd and Moscow. Since that time this holiday symbolizes dedicated service to the native country and acknowledgment of its chiefly military achievements. Nominally, this federal holiday is observed to honor military veterans and current military personnel. In reality, it is seen as simply “Men's Day” – a counterpart of Women's Day celebrated on 8th March. What do men expect of February 23d? On this day the entire masculine population - from boys to old men receive greetings, compliments, little pleasant surprises, presents and other signs of attention.