Student Project Russian 101 Film presents

 Watch the video project made by beginning level students at College of the Holy Cross in 2012.

Disclaimer: This video contains jokes and puns that keep students smiling and curious, serving as a reminder for instructors that they should make students laugh in the classroom.

It is important to find a way to integrate video podcast into the syllabus. Certainly, film production is a very similar to process of creating a podcast and has many advantages for language learners. First of all, such an activity stimulates students to improve their speaking skills.

Movie making also is a flexible learning activity with the students creating their own learning settings. In the process of making the film one group of students modifies the scripted conversations, another group is doing filming and video editing and everybody actively engages in communication with each other.

It appears that movie making is also a huge motivational powerhouse for language learners to improve their speaking skills. Students quickly realize that they perform for a ‘real audience’ since a film, once placed on the Web, can be accessed by anyone around the world. Being aware that video is a permanent record of their oral performance, students pay more attention to an accuracy of their language performance. Students who produce videos are undergoing plenty of practice, and through repetition of the lines they are able to improve their pronunciation. It is also important to keep in mind that collaboration is the key to successful movie making since filming and production involved team work. Moreover, creative activity in film making povides every student with the opportunity to be assigned different tasks according to the abilities.