Since 1964 a nightly fifteen-minute show "Спокойной ночи, малыши! "(Good Night, Kids!) had been on air just before 9 pm. The puppet cast included talking animals – piglet, doggy, rabbit and crow. In addition to four puppets, the cast included a storyteller – an attractive human host who related to the audience as well as the puppets. Puppets hopped around, talked, and had adventures. The scripts highlighted themes that taught kids positive attitude through cheerful entertaining stories. Typically at the end of the program a cartoon was shown.

The messages the puppets shared were entertaining as well as educational. Each puppet was special, with its own traits, dreams and habits. More particularly, Filya was a highly disciplined puppy and would reprimanded bad boys. Stepashka, the obedient rabbit, was the cleverest of them all and served as an example of a good little boy who never got in trouble and always knew to do the right thing. The piglet Khryusha was a bully, he fooled around and was always getting up to some prank or other. Karkusha, the crow, was a wise little bird, however, unlike the other characters, she spoke only in her own crow language - "caw caw caw!" Puppets were fun, popular, great for the imagination and taught fighting back against bullies.

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