I offer you a song written by Yuri Visbor, one of the most prominent members of the generation that is widely considered the "founding fathers" of Russian bard music. Bard music, a marginalized musical genre, originated in the 1960s, was created by those rebellious to the stale oppressive Soviet Establishment. Those were mostly university students studying to be engineers, physicists, and chemists. Bard singers preserved for us various aspects of "normal life" of the years of Stalin’s purges, Brezhnev’s stagnation and the perestroika decade. They drew upon the collective memory of Soviet citizens and in turn contributed to it by writing their own lyrics and melodies, then softly strummed chords of amazing and very unpretentious music on their acoustic guitars. Their songs were very different in many ways from lame, syrupy pop tunes. Vizbor’s reputation stems from his particular presentational style of the songs about hanging out experience. His songs were popular among skiers, campers and hikers.

Here is video clip and lyrics to Yuri Vizbor's song. Listen for the missing words. To find matching words you might want to look into a word bank at the bottom of the page:

-_____________. Да. Алло. Что за шутки с ___________? Я, _____________ удивлен? Я даже очень _________. Я ______________ закурю. Здравствуй, прошло _________ лет. Сто лет прошло, ______________. Я _____ спешу, нет.

Припев: Телефон-автомат у ________, Телефон на __________ у меня. Это ______________, это жнивье. Талый снег вчерашнего ___________.

-Что у нас за _____________? Да как-то _________ разбрелись. Верочка _____________. Славины развелись. Я _________________ отдел. Санька сьездил в _______________. Все в суматохе ___________... Ну, а ты что _________________?

-А правда, _________ говорят? А кто он, коль не ________________? А-а, военный ____________, то есть , жгучий ________________. А ___________ как назвала? Спасибо. Не ожидал... Вообщем, _______________ удалась? Все прошло __________ следа?
[моряк, осень, дня, дел, все, Париж, рад, секрет, даже, что, почему, брюнет, сына, сто, получил, дела, говорю, не, утра, жизнь, без, нее, столе, родила, слушаю, молчишь]

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