Watch the discussing 2010 wildfires in Russia. 

Watch news report from Moscow of the worst drought and heat wave in 100 years. The high levels of pollutants in Moscow air posed a serious danger to Muscovites' health, with the concentration of particulate dust exceeding the permitted level by 3.4 times. Many Muscovites peered with red-rimmed eyes over the tops of surgical masks or wet handkerchiefs.

Facts: During summer 2010 most of the central Russia experienced a record-breaking heat which is already called 'The Great Russian Heatwave'. These are some astounding statistics. Moscow’s typical July daily high temperature is just 74 F, with an average August daily high of 68 F. This summer high temperatures hovered around 100 degrees. High temperature triggered massive peat bog and forest fires that have destroyed 30% of the nation's grain crops. Smog blanketed Moscow, with Muscovites and tourists seen to be using umbrellas and donning medical masks to protect themselves from the fumes. Weather agency said that on some days air pollution exceeded its normal levels by 1.4 to 2.2 times in areas of Moscow. Emergency situation was declared in 14 Russian regions included the Moscow. Domodedovo, an airport in the south of Moscow, was badly affected by poor visibility with dozens of flights delayed, and overbooked for a week ahead. Some countries were closing their consular offices and evacuating their staff. The fires have devastated homes, farmland and forests across a huge swathe of European Russia. The death toll from wildfires hits 53. PM Putin and President Medvedev promised a payment of 3 million roubles for each family whose home was burned down.

While watching the video, you may take a snapshot of the screen when paused and then save the image as a resource to be used again for revision or consolidation of the topic-specific language or grammar.

This activity introduces the idea of focused listening and helps you realize how much you can gather from just a few words.

I would like to point out that students at Advanced level are able to make good guesses without using a script and understanding each word in the authentic video clips .

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