Below you can find instructions for listening activities. Obviously, you will not be able to use all these learning tips for listening. However, you should choose one, and try to improve your listening skills through practice.

Try to follow instructions without looking at the screen.

Write down the recipe and pass it along to someone else.

Check yourself if you are able

- to name the recipes,

- to specify the number of servings the dish will provide,

- to indicate the pans and utensils needed to prepare the recipe,

- to list a recipes’ ingredients, (! in the order in which they're used),

- to outline the steps involved in preparing the meal in chronological order. Start with the cutting, chopping, blending or pureeing of the ingredients and finish with putting the ingredients in a pan, pot or dish and placing it on the stove or in the oven,

- to provide the cooking time.

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