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Here is excerpts from reflection papers: "Upon first seeing the animation style of Masiania, I did not expect such a level of sophistication from the script. I thought it was really interesting how the writers included so many cultural and historical references within such a simple concept, and in fact used the simplicity of the characters to make more of a statement about the society as a whole."

"Given the 'cartoonish' nature of the video it was difficult to get a full sense of what was going on. It seems that in the video Masiania is fully embracing the idea of staying inside, so much so that she barricades the door just like Brodsky suggests in his poem. Brodsky’s role in the video seems to be one of comedy as he is made out to be unable to keep himself from mumbling the lines of his poem. The end where he gets slapped with a fish seals this notion, that we are not really supposed to take his view of isolation seriously. Instead the view of isolation seems to be different from Masiania. As she fully embraces this, she also encounters the annoying reality of seeing the same person over and over again. However, it seems that the characters’ comfort with technology allows them to remain nominally satisfied, and this is perhaps a commentary on the younger generation who are so easily sated by devices. The kids however, see the devices as merely things to play with, rubbish. Perhaps the kids have a more enlightened view of the ways in which this technology is actually being used. It seems that generally the cartoon is poking fun at the introspective and contemplative nature of isolation."

Oleg Kuvaev, the creator of Masiania, in one of his interviews  says “Her [Masiania's] most remarkable feature is her permanently optimistic mood no matter what happens and her sarcastic attitude to everything around. She seems to be totally cynical and unbelieving but at the same time cheerful and extremely ironic. She is honest and naive, but also reasonable with a keen sense of humor.”

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