This project idea originated from the numerous news reports about tourist tours to Chernobyl's Exclusion Zone, a 30-kilometer radius of contaminated land around the power plant. The student created a script for a TV program covering briefly the facts of the worst nuclear accident the world had ever seen, and delivering important information about tourists seeking to head deep into the area.

The student impersonates an anchor presenting a news story, the measured summary of what happened three decades ago and what is happening in the area nowadays. Her style of delivery is reserved and her appearance is designed to convey credibility. While the" anchor" provides  a framework for the interpretation of the social and cultural meaning of Chernobyl, an invited “expert” and a “tourist” offer on-the-spot observations of the events. By focusing on three participants talking, the project promises the viewers the excitement of the “unrehearsed,” the “spontaneous” and the “authentic” coverage.  

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