"For my final project, I created a video comparing Soviet and American cartoons. I introduced the topic, then I compared the Soviet cartoon Well, Just you Wait! with the American cartoon Tom and Jerry, which has a very similar story line. I then compared the Soviet and American versions of Winnie the Pooh, since both were adapted from the original American book but they were executed differently. In my comparison I discussed things like differences in plot, characters, technical qualities, and production. I then had a conclusion at the end of my video. In the video, pieces of the cartoons played as I spoke, and they corresponded with what I was talking about.
During the creation of my final project, I definitely encountered a couple of challenges. My first challenge was choosing a topic and credible sources for it. I struggled with coming up with a topic and had to change it, but with the guidance of my professor I was able to stay on track. I gained the skill of patience, since making a video is definitely a lot of work and there are always technical difficulties that arise and editing takes time. Overall, even though it is a difficult process, I enjoyed making the video, and I love watching the finished product when it all comes together."

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