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Listen to the song written and performed by the rock star of the 80s Viktor Tsoi and his band Kino. This song can be used to practice constructions with Nouns in Genitive Singular and Plural Case.

Back in the Soviet times rock was the only medium not under complete state control. Since rock music was considered a "bourgeois style" in the Soviet Union, rock bands performed only in semi-underground clubs and at musicians' apartments. The situation was more relaxed in Leningrad, where the officially tolerated The Leningrad Rock Club opened in 1981. Speculation swirled that The Leningrad Rock Club was founded by the KGB, but musicians were unaware of this fact at that time. The important thing to Russian rockers was the opportunity for underground bands such as Кино (Kino) to perform, even though it was closely supervised by authorities.

Tsoi is an icon in Russian pop culture and the band's popularity in the Soviet Union was extraordinarily high. Their first album was released in 1982, the band's first real hit was the album Ночь (Night) released in 1986. Viktor Tsoi once attended Serov Artistic Academy in Leningrad, made a career as a rock musician, appeared in several successful movies, traveled to the United States for the premiere of the iconic movie Игла (Needle), playing his first and only American concert in New York. However, he always kept his job as a boiler repair man. He died in a tragic car accident in 1990. The words “Цой жив!” ("Tsoi lives!") and “КИНО” appeared on public surfaces throughout the country. Writing these words became a kind of a memorial ritual among fans of the band. Even today the slogan occasionally surfaces in urban graffiti.

His lyrics are characterized by a poetic simplicity. The ideas of liberty were present but, on the whole, the band's message to the public was not overly politically charged, except for themes of freedom.

Listen to the song from the album Звезда по имени Солнце (A Star Called the Sun), the last album to come out in the singer’s lifetime.

Место для шага вперёд У меня есть солнце, но оно среди туч. Есть голова, только нет плечей, Но я вижу, как тучи режет солнечный луч. У меня есть слово, но в нем нет букв. У меня есть лес, но нет топоров. У меня есть время, но нет сил ждать, И есть еще ночь, но в ней нет снов.

И есть еще белые-белые дни, Белые горы и белый лед. Но все, что мне нужно - Это несколько слов И место для шага вперед.

У меня река, только нет моста. У меня есть мыши, но нет кота. У меня есть парус, но ветра нет, И есть еще краски, но нет холста. У меня на кухне из крана вода. У меня есть рана, но нет бинта. У меня есть братья, но нет родных, И есть рука, и она пуста.

И есть еще белые-белые дни, Белые горы и белый лед. Но все, что мне нужно - Это несколько слов И место для шага вперед.

Виктор Цой "Место для шага вперед" Диск "Звезда по имени Солнце" 1989

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