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Prepare for watching the news on падение Челябинского метеорита the Chelyabinsk meteorite crash in Russia by reading the newspapers, or watching TV news in English. A good source of practice to brush up on your Russian vocabulary on environmental disasters is online newspapers. The news dealing with all kinds of issues related to meteorite crush give you a rough outline how to arrange your lexical set.

Try to find out general answers to the following questions: When do meteorites strike? What is the difference between meteor and meteorite? How fast do meteorites go? How common are they? Why did not scientists see this meteorite coming? Your success at understanding the content of what you hear largely depends on how well you can listen for gist, for specific information and for details.

A truck-size meteor (estimated to be about 10 tons and 49 feet wide) streaked across the sky over Russia's Уральские горы Ural Mountains on Friday morning, causing vjoyst взрывы powerful explosions. It hit the atmosphere at a hypersonic speed (estimated to be 31,000 mph) and shattered into pieces at about thousands of feet (about 18miles) above the ground from air pressure. The meteor released several kilotons of energy above the region. Amateur video broadcast on Russian television showed an object speeding across the sky about 9:20 a.m. local time, leaving a thick white как инверсионный след от самолёта contrail and an intense flash.

Fragments of the meteor fell in a thinly populated area of the Chelyabinsk region and reportedly have sparked panic in Екатеринбург Yekaterinburg, Курган Kurgan and Тюмень Tyumen. Eyewitness videos show a dramatic light and smoke trail followed by an enormous fireball and оглушительный звуковой хлопок a deafening sonic boom. Падение метеорита The meteorite crash has caused the reported разрушения damages to building. Reports conflicted on what exactly happened in the clear skies: whether it was метеорный дождь a meteor shower, or it was a single meteorite. The meteor взрыв explosion caused ударная волна a shockwave that blew out window and injuried hundreds.

Очевидцы Eyewitnesses said that an object struck a factory wall. It also caused a shock wave земля содрогалась that led to cellphone signal disruption.

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