I refer you to a beloved cartoon character from the Soviet times – Leopold the Cat. The cartoon was filmed by T/O Ekran in 1975 - 1987 and its run time is 87 min (10 series). It was directed by Anatoly Reznikov, the screenplay was written by Arkady Hayt. Leopold is a cute slapstick character whose notable features are a boater style straw hat and a bow tie which he is wearing with a casual sweatshirt. This cartoon pokes fun at the cat and mouse rivalry, but in the cartoon, unlike real life, the cat is confronted by two mischievous mice – Grey and White. They don’t take Leopold seriously and try to play pranks on him although most of their plans turn against them.

Catch phrases associated with these cartoon characters are used in countless instances, albeit in a mocking way. The phrase “Ребята, давайте жить дружноGuys, let us all live peacefully!' said by Leopold the Pacifist, is often used as a headline or as a recurring motif in tabloid articles on multi-party system.

Another Leopold’s splendid dictum “Неприятность эту мы переживем“ ‘We will be handling this problem’ goes some way to capturing the positive attitude toward the difficulties one has to deal with. Like many of the catch phrases, this one is an indirect imperative, ordering you to be happy. Therefore you may want to use this newly found good catch phrase daily.

Неприятность эту мы переживём

Автор текста Хайт А.

Композитор Савельев Б.


Я иду и пою обо всём хорошем, И улыбку свою я дарю прохожим. Если в сердце чужом не найду ответа, Неприятность эту мы переживём,

В небесах высоко ярко солнце светит, До чего ж хорошо жить на белом свете! Если вдруг грянет гром в середине лета - Неприятность эту мы переживём.


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