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This website allows you to listen to some songs to hear the lyrics. For this you must want to listen. It is nearly impossible to really listen if you don’t have a mind to. Listen to a song closely. Try to listen to the song again and again without referring to the words until you understand as much as possible. You should also listen very carefully for the pronunciation of words. First your goal is to listen for the main ideas. Don’t be bothered by the details. Listen as though you are going to be required to retell the lyrics to an audience later. After this write a summary of the main ideas. Compare the original lyrics with what you have written down. If you were unsuccessful, think of what caused your misunderstanding? Now listen to the details. Sing along with the melody. Then read the words and sing along with the recording. Make a copy of the lyrics with some words removed from a song. Listen to the song and try to fill in the words that have been left out. Try to dictate the lyrics while you are listening to the song. Play back as many times as you like until you can catch the words. This will help you to listen intensively for details. Песня-танец великого кота Базилио и прекрасной лисы Алисы о жадинах, хвастунах и дураках. Лап то бу ди дубудай...Лай лай лай, лай лай лай, лай лай лай лалалалалала... Пока живут на свете хвастуны, Мы прославлять судьбу свою должны. Какое небо голубое, мы не сторонники разбоя: На хвастуна не нужен нож, ему немного подпоёшь И делай с ним, что хошь. Покуда живы жадины вокруг, Удачи мы не выпустим из рук. Какое небо голубое, Мы не сторонники разбоя: На жадину не нужен нож, - Ему покажешь медный грош И делай с ним, что хошь! Покуда есть на свете дураки, Обманом жить нам, стало быть, с руки. Какое небо голубое, Мы не сторонники разбоя: На дурака не нужен нож, - Ему с три короба наврёшь И делай с ним, что хошь!

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