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According to official statistics, Russia’s biggest killer is smoking. The problem is particularly serious as nearly half the nation smokes. Russia is ranked first in the world in the number of smokers per head. A pack of cigarettes costs less than a dollar, slightly more expensive than a loaf of bread, making it affordable for all. There are evidences that in Russia restrictions on smoking in public places and private worksites reduce both the number of smokers and average daily cigarette consumption. It is also known that Russia is on course to introduce a series of bans on advertising and promotion of tobacco products. But it doesn't look like the law and bans are going to change this situation.

Let me describe one of the latest Russian anti-smoking billboards I have seen on Moscow streets. The picture shows a sleeping baby in a diaper with a cigarette butt placed on its back. On top of it, the slogan reads Курить в присутствии ребенка еще большая пытка для него which translates Smoking in the presence of a kid is a more severe torture for it. The suggestion is if adults reduce their cigarette consumption, children may smoke less. But the sign below reads Все равно? Don’t Care?! It looks like a very unsual and creative outdoor ad. Definetely, it was created out of caution and consideration. However one must admit that the image is intruding enough because of its emotional power. It is no surprise then that even though this ad sends the strong social message, it draws harsh criticism. That means the concept as a whole was a failure to reflect on the problem. I don’t believe that such a creative anti-smoking advertisement can make you quit smoking after you see it. Likewise, “No Smoking” sign is hardly at all stopping smokers in Russia. It’s just not how the things work.

Watch the anti-smoking advertisement that aimed at fighting heavy smoking. To my opinion, while the ad did get the anti-smoking message across, it could be argued that it crossed a line. What do you think?

Name the childish excuses to not quit smoking.

Answer the questions: Is the video what you expected judging from the title? Did anything in the video surprise you? What is the message? Do you find the message convincing? Do you consider it an effective intervention to reduce tobacco use? What target audience is the message aimed at? Are you part of the target audience? Who are people in the ad? What the characters say? What the characters are wearing? What the characters do?

Make a list of language used: Words with positive connotations Words with negative connotations Action words Slang words

Make your own creative anti-smoking ad.

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