From students' reflection papers:

"When Michelle and I decided to work together we were not sure where to begin.  I felt like a hero from the fairy tales we read this semester. Ahead of me was a long, challenging task. It would require patience, creativity, and hard work to complete successfully. However, like many of the characters we studied, I had a partner (rather than a helper) to work with throughout my journey.

I really enjoyed working with Michelle in this project and I also learned a lot throughout the process. With two people working together, despite not being able to physically meet, we were able to share our views, opinions, and consult one another during each task. 

Also, when doing this project, we were able to apply the knowledge we gained this semester from studying the structures, themes, and scholars of fairy tales, and incorporating it into our own analysis." Yekaterina Martens

"I have taken a couple of psychology courses because it is my possible major, which is why the analysis of different fairy tales through two different perspectives was interesting to me. I also read fairy tales a lot growing up, and now that we have learned about them in this course, it has been interesting to see how my views and understandings of these fairy tales have progressed over the course of the semester and through doing the final project.

I really did learn a lot. By analyzing the three fairy tales that we picked, I now know a lot about those  and can apply what I learned to other ones. I, of course, also learned about how the minds of adults and children differ, and what they both think about when they read fairy tales." Michelle Fedotova

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