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This is a final project for a third year course "Russia on Screen."

In her reflection paper a students says: "Through this project, the major skills I developed were video editing, story-telling, and time management, as I had to make sure that I wasn’t spending too much time on one particular part of the documentary.

I believe that I fulfilled the “Strategy” section of the rubric by having a clear purpose to discuss how rock in the Soviet Union developed as it did from the 1960s to the 1990s. Through my “Organization and Emphasis,” in the way that I went back in time and explained how the political events of the era influenced the rock scene in the Soviet Union, I think I conveyed my ideas well to the audience. Using “Rhetorical Appeals” such as quotes from Alexander Gradsky about how much people loved the Beatles, as well as the strict message from the Soviet government later on in the documentary, and then I conveyed how people really felt at the time through their words. By conveying my message through a documentary in which I used video clips from many different sources, I believe that I fulfilled the “Multimodality” section. My documentary displayed “Creativity and Conventions” in the way I organized and built a story in the documentary. I also identified all sources at the end of the project, as well as acknowledging that I was using the video clips under the “fair use” clause in US copyright law, which fulfills the “Credit and Copyright” section. I fulfilled “Editing” by carefully going through the documentary many times to correct any mistakes."


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