Although Japan is well-established as the world leader in high-speed trains, having developed the first 'bullet train' in 1964, the best train after the bullet train of Japan Сапсан is the fastest train in Russia. The sleek, aerodynamic Siemens Сапсан (Russian for peregrine falcon) train has a breakthrough technology that stands in contrasts to earlier trains and designed to travel at speeds of 155 mph. Instead of a locomotive, the Сапсан uses electric motors attached to wheels all along the train cars. The Russian example is consistent with other markets in which high-speed trains have roundly beaten plane on price, overall travel time, and convenience. Due to the benefits of this form of travel, the construction of a high-speed rail route between Moscow and St Peteкигкп eliminated most commercial flights between the cities. You can just compare overall travel time: although the actual flying time is shorter, the average travel time including the trips to and from the airport, check-in, and security clearance is five hours, while the travel time of Sapsan's morning and evening services on downtown Moscow – downtown St. Petersburg route is only 3h 45. This is a far cry from the journey between Moscow and St. Petersburg that travelers had to endure when the railroad line first opened in 1851. Of course, service is far removed from any of the Soviet-era gruffness.

First, watch the ad and try to answer the questions: 1. What's the main aim of the advertising? 2. What is the name of the advertisement? What the main aim of symbol this advertisement used? 3. Which are the words that are repeated in the advertisement?

Before you listen to the Sapsan ad for the second time, please look at these comprehension questions. You'll hear the answers during the advertisement. What is the thing that matters most in nature? What speed Sapsan can reach? What is the travel time from Moscow to St Petersburg? What is maximum number of travelers on board? Was the train designed by the German company Siemens especially for Russia? What are the specifications of Sapsan? What services does the express provide? When did the trains start regular service on the Moscow – Saint Petersburg Railway? What type of contract did Siemens and Russian Railways sign? What is the logo and catch phrase of this ad?

Vocabulary from the ad: Высокоскоростной поезд, скорость, Российские железные дороги, пассажирское место, поезд оснащён сверхсовременным оборудованием, климатические условия, плавная бесшумная подвеска, безопасность, освещение, беспроводной интернет, обслуживание, поезд курсирует.

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