In Moscow due to the maddening traffic and the drivers’ erratic behavior, sometimes it's just easier not to drive a car or ride a bus. Actually in Moscow you can take a subway everywhere. Well, then you miss riding ‘marshrutka’ (sort-of-taxi), and seeing signs and the occasional funny cognates, but metro is a good choice because of the mobility. Metro is often the fastest way to get around the city, compared to other means of public transportation or driving. During rush hours trains run every one to two minutes. Although the world's oldest underground train system is the London underground, Moscow city subway is the fastest worldwide system (120km/h or 75mph) and has the biggest ridership of all metro systems throughout the world. Moscow metro was opened in 1935. The earlier stations are spacious, designed in pompous Stalin Empire style, originally intended to be “palaces for the people.” With their marble-clad walls, chandelier lighting, and other precious interior, many indeed resemble palaces or cathedrals. Enduring materials have been used for the station interiors, like engraved metal, glass, granite, marble, or carved alabaster. Many entrance buildings are just as architecturally spectacular as the underground stations. Some stations are very deep and have been planned to serve as bunkers in case of war. Later stations are rather minimalistic in design, got more interesting architectural features and some works of art -- many sculptures, reliefs and murals are found in the stations. Each station's design is distinct and devoted to a certain theme. If you travel to Moscow, you might like visit Moscow subway.

Listen to a goofy song performed by Valery Syutkin, a vocalist of a Russian rock group Bravo. The group was founded in the early ‘80s and is remarkable for its great popularity among middle to upper class young people during the late years of the Soviet Union. It is hard to define their style: as to the music they were looking back on the ‘50s American popular bands, playing in the style of fusion and jazz-rock; they were using “stylish”-subculture slang in the lyrics, and wearing vintage clothing and accessories. They didn’t consider themselves to be hipsters, but their affinity for the youth alternative culture of the 1950s evokes the image of hipsters.

42 минуты под землей

С утра в метро спускаюсь я --там протекает жизнь подземная моя. Вперед лицом, назад спиной я еду девять остановок по прямой. Два раза в день за годом год спускаюсь я в подземный ход.

Ежедневно 42 минуты по землей сюда-туда, туда-сюда. Эти 42 минуты под землей ядень за днем сложу в года (2 раза)

И если есть на небе бог, то под землей вместо него электроток. Вперед спиной, назад лицом он мчит по кругу нас магическим кольцом. Два раза в день за годом год мы едем задом наперед.

Ежедневно 42 минуты по землей сюда-туда, туда-сюда. Эти 42 минуты под землей я день за днем сложу в года (6 раз)

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