There are a number of things to help you understand TV broadcasts. Rather than just listening or watching at random, find out if the program sounds interesting to you and revise vocabulary first. If you are a true fan of tennis, then you will enjoy watching this episode. First off, brush up relevant vocabulary before tuning in.

There are many talented tennis players in Russia. For example, Marat Safin, who retired in 2009, was one of the most fascinating players of the last decade. Safin will be remembered for his unique physique, powerful forehand, two-handed backhand and dangerous serve, as well as for being one of the most outspoken and funny players, and for his emotional outbursts during matches. Listen to the short interview with him.

Set yourself goals. When listening to the interview try to work out the main points, names, places. Even if you can't understand very much at all, try to identify word and sentence boundaries.

Try "shadow practice" as you listen. That means you should try to move your lips as you listen. In this way, you can do speaking practice and listening practice at the same time. If his speech seems "too colloquial" to you, just focus on the rhythm of Russian.

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