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Drama very well fits into language teaching. It's not every day that American students speak in Chekhov’s turns of phrase.  Intermediate level students of Russian filmed an avant-garde adaptation of Chekov’s story “The Wedding.” The characters’ voices are wry and sarcastic that keeps this otherwise simple story from being boring. Students’ parodic rendering of Chekov’s classical piece, in which nothing much happens, just “…a simple, gray, humdrum life...”, may express a certain affection but also takes an ironic view and re-imagines  the classical canon. Students skillfully demonstrate that the action presents a slice of time with no direct connection to any time, as words from the late 19th century clash with make-up, hairdos, sets, props and clothes from the 21st century. This discrepancy with historical realities highlights Chekov’s playfulness and contributes to creating a dramedy.

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