Cultural Notes

Traditionally, officers in Russia look very serious and even gloomy and often get down straight to business, without small talk.

Foreigners have pointed out many times that Russians rarely smile. The explanation is quite simple: smiling is not a sign of politeness in Russia, but a sign of personal attraction. It is quite likely that Russians only smile if they are genuinely amused or really like you.    




Я бы хотела продать свою квартиру    I would like to sell my apartment unit

Квартира                                                        an apartment in a high rise

Общая площадь                                            total area

Жилая площадь                                             living space  


Совмещенный туалет                                   bathroom unit

Раздельный туалет                                       separate bathroom and toilet

Паркетный пол                                              inlaid floor

Пять минут ходьбы от метро                       five minute walk from subway

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